Amazing Internet Telephony service that makes your long-distance charges disappear from your phone bill. All you have to pay is the local Internet connection charges!
The procedure of making an Internet phone call are similar to those of making a traditional long-distance call.It's easy to use.


Our service connects Internet and normal phone users by offering high quality VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony over Internet .

  • CallShop service
  • PC 2 Phone service
  • Device 2 Phone service
  • Mobile 2 Phone with tunnel
    for blocked areas


  • 30March2016 nonotalk released new pc2phone ,please uninstall old version, download and install new one from below link.
    We are waiting your feedback.
  • Dear Customers, iTel Symbian Dialer is changed. Please set phone date to 06-08-2015 and download new iTel Symbian dialer from
  • ITel Dialer Plus New Version (5.8.1) OP code: 10923 is available in Play Store.
  • iTel Symbian Download link op code 10923

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